Doll Gallery: Composition

Composition is a mixture of various substances including plaster, glue, flour, paper or rags. It's less breakable than bisque, but often inclined to craze. Many composition dolls are unmarked, and so it's difficult to trace the manufacturers.
Vicky Vicky is a 20" early 1950s composition doll. Her 'skin' is darker than normal, slightly bronzed in appearance. She is a pot doll, made from a hollow form of composition, and has dark brown hair, blue eyes and tiny teeth. Her lips and fingernails are orange-red. Vicky is not marked, but is very similar to Elizabeth (Doll Showcase 1) and Shirley (Doll Showcase 3).
Priscilla is a new addition to our collection. She is marked 'Plastex', and is a composition baby girl made by Cascelloid, who later became known as Palitoy. Priscilla was made in the late 1930s. She is a bent-limbed baby with painted blue eyes and is 18" tall. Priscilla

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